WIP: Golden Wheat Cardi

Good morning!  today1Kara and I have been knitting every free second we have.  It’s not too many free minutes in reality, but enough to keep us happy and creative.  I started knitting this Golden Wheat Cardigan by  Veera Välimäki in String Theory Aran weight yarn.  It has taken me only one week to knit then entire body!  The size 10 needles are a dream with this aran weight.  The reverse stockinette is stunning.  Now to keep up this momentum and complete the sleeves.  ( I’ll have to ignore the other 5 projects on my needles)  I can’t wait to wear it for Christmas.

I opted to omit the body shaping.  I think the yarn will have great drape and shape itself.  today4today3My only hard decision is if I love the stockinette side even better than the reverse stockinette?  What do you think?today2I am looking forward to finding the perfect buttons to finish this off.

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our house.  The wood stove is keeping us cozy and warm.  I love this cozy time of year – it’s knitting season.deers3333My mantle is one of my favorite projects Kevin and I have completed together.  I say together loosely.  I am the cheering squad while he fulfills my dreams.  He is patient and talented.  Its a wonderful combination.

Tomorrow on the blog:  The Mantle Process.

7 Comments on “WIP: Golden Wheat Cardi

  1. Your mantle is beautiful and festive! Oh I love the holidays! And I completely know what you mean by struggling to decide what side of your knitting you prefer, whenever I do reverse stockinette projects I’m always torn!

  2. I really like this sweater in the stockinette, but then I look at the detailing on the armhole area and it stands out so nice, hmmm…. Looks like you have a decision to make and I am pretty sure you are good at that!

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