Last Minute Baby Sophisticate

Since having Brooklyn I have become increasingly scatter-brained. It seems the older she gets, the more busy things are and the more I am forgetful.  I’m sure all of you moms out there know what it is I’m talking about — good old baby brain! Luckily, I married a really great guy who doesn’t suffer from this ailment! Saturday afternoon he reminded me that Sunday I was to attend a baby shower for a co-worker of his. It had totally slipped my mind! My response was, “Well, then I guess I had better get knitting!”

Saturday evening I cast on Baby Sophisticate using some String Theory Caper Aran (an all-time favorite) on a size 9 needle since the pattern tends to run a little small. I didn’t have a minute to spare but I finished it and made it to the shower with a precious little sweater for what I am sure is going to be a very sweet little girl. Since I was totally out of time, I was only able to grab one picture but one I still wanted to share!

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 11.41.43 PM

Baby Sophisticate is a free, simple baby cardigan. This is my second time making this sweater and I’d recommend it for a super quick knit! Ravelry Project here.

More Christmas hats complete to share later this week!

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