How Does the Lion Go?

A few times recently, I’ve confessed that I’m much more of a “toddler mom” than a “baby mom”. Don’t get me wrong, I love tiny baby snuggles and that fresh baby smell and the way a little baby curls it’s legs under creating the most perfect little diaper butt. But I find the toddler years just so much fun. Yup, they’re exhausting too, but I get such a thrill out of the interactions I get to have on a daily basis and how those are reciprocated by these mini humans.  I love getting to teach them new words, or games and then watching the light bulb go off when they finally get it. One of Emmett’s latest tricks we taught him is how to ROOOAAARRRR like a lion. He’s so proud of his roar (see below), so his best Aunt Betsy found the most adorable knit lion and quick whipped one up for his birthday present.  Next to his big sister Brooklyn, this is his new best friend.

Knitting Highlighter Tape

tape5I love all knitting gadgets.  I recently saw this amazing ‘Stitcher’s GPS’ from Yarnvalet, and had to scoop up a few and add them to my notion pouch.  Its removable, reusable highlighting strips.  Also included are gauge rulers and dots and checks to mark progress!  So cool!

I have to use highlighter tape for every pattern I knit, mostly, because I have a ton of projects going at the same time and I never remember where I left off!  A couple of my other favorites are the Scotch Expressions Washi tape and Highlighter Tape from Lee Products. I’m all for making my life easier!

Baa-ble Hat in the studio

Today I cleaned up the studio which was a joy as always.  We moved in a couple months ago, and its safe to say it has changed our life at Nice & Knit.  We have systems in place that have made everything more efficient and speedier.

Sometimes I sneak away from my kids and hang out here.  (Okay, I’ve done that pretty much all week because they’ve been home sick.  Now you know why I’ve been cleaning ;)

702A5849 copy

I snapped this quick photo of my Baa-ble Hat that I finished recently.  It was such a fun knit and all the rage on Instagram and Ravelry with over 3,000 projects completed.


Knit in Nice & Knit Worsted {Jetty, Sand dune, Harbor, and Harpoon}

Little Boy Knits

I’ve been completely obsessed with knitting sweaters for my sweet little boy. I’m not sure if it’s because he wears them so well and looks insanely cute (yup, I’m biased) or if its because he’s about to turn 1 and I haven’t knit him one since before he was born. Or it could be that the weather has gotten so cold lately and I always find a little comfort knowing he’ll be nice and warm if he’s wrapped up in some wool. I guess it doesn’t really matter the reason, just that I’m getting them done and enjoying every stitch. A few of the fashions he’s been wearing lately are his  Cooldown Mini, and Braided Cable Cardigan and hopefully soon I’ll be done with his Wallaby!

Pattern: Cooldown Mini
Yarn: Nice & Knit DK in Anchor (body) and Cherrystone (Sleeves)

Pattern: Seamless Braided Cable Sweater
Yarn: Nice & Knit Worsted in Dockside

Pattern: Wonderful Wallaby
Yarn: Nice & Knit Worsted in Kelp

and dreams and plans of many many more sweaters. I’ll try to find the time, as soon as I’m done chasing him :)


I had no real business digging through my Ravelry favorites just a few days before Christmas but it’s always so tempting when I do. I should be spending the time finishing up some last minute Christmas knits and not knitting something for myself  but when I saw this project, I really couldn’t help myself.  I started out by convincing myself that I finished in time, I would give it as a gift. The reality is that I knew that was pretty unlikely since I only got it onto my needles on Christmas Eve.  Not surprisingly, I didn’t finish it for Christmas, but I did finish it just two short days later!

The pattern is called ‘Chevzam‘ and can be found on Ravelry. It’s a really quick knit done in 4 different colors of worsted weight yarn on size 9 needles. My combination pictured here is Sanddune, Capsize, Urchin and Bisque but here are a few other combinations I thought might some pretty beautiful versions as well!

A gorgeous Grellow palette made up of Dockside, Beach, Harpoon and Driftwood

Green Gradient : Driftwood, Barnacle, Seagrass and Bayside

Perfect Pinks

Bold Brights

New Year Knitting

702A5790Its so easy for me to start new projects and make great and lofty goals for the New Year.  Following through has always been a struggle so this year I just simply want to enjoy the process of knitting.  I’m skipping all of the demands of deadlines and urgency to have a specific number completed each month.

The moment I saw this Taimana Cowl by Francoise Danoy of Aroha Knits I knew I had to cast on that very day.  So I did.  The pattern is so well written, easy to follow and keeps me interested every row. (now that the stripes are done ;)


I am knitting with Nice & Knit Fingering in Dockside, Driftwood and Canal.  I kept the color choices pretty close to the original pattern which I rarely do.  I also thought that fingering on a size 4 needle would be slow going, but I’m totally enjoying the entire process!


Quick Knit: Worsted ‘Midge’

I’ve been working on Christmas shopping & knitting, thankfully, I am almost done with all of it.  Hopefully this will give me time to enjoy the Christmas season and of course, knit for myself. cowl

We’ve had some requests for easy knitting pattern ideas.  Our Midges Cowl is a beautiful gift and a quick knit.  The original pattern calls for our Sport weight yarn, but I decided to knit it up with one skein of Nice & Knit Worsted.  Using the same cast on number of stitches for the shorter cowl and a size 9 needle, the cowl is the perfect size!

Our kelp colorway is fantastic for the winter season and looks fabulous with plaids.  Quick, go cast on – you’ll be done in no time!

Meet “Ingy” Our Newest Hat Pattern

First, and most importantly we want to take just a minute to reflect on the past year and say THANK YOU! to all of our amazing blog readers, social media followers, customers, and all of you who have become our friends. We have been so blessed and this business is becoming everything we hoped it could be. We know there is a lot of work left to do but you have us so inspired that we can’t wait to do it!

As our way of saying thank you, we’re offering 20% off your entire purchase at! Now’s your chance to stock up on yarn for those last minute holiday gifts! Enter the code THANKFUL20 at checkout!


We’re really excited to announce a new hat pattern today as well! Meet “Ingy” a new beanie featuring beautiful cables and a slip stitch rib. This one is a special one – named after Ingrid, a really special customer who we have come to call a sweet friend.

It all started about a month or so ago Ingrid’s really great friend, Deb, contacted us. She was looking for a way to honor Ingrid on her birthday for being one of the world’s bests friend. One of the ideas she threw at us was the thought of naming a pattern after her dearest Ingrid.  Maybe it was meant to be, because just the night before Katie had completed the initial prototype for this new hat pattern and it needed a name. We’re so honored Deb had thought of us and want to wish Ingrid a very Happy Birthday! Thank you for being you, we hope this next year is full of love, fun, and of course – knitting. Ingy is available for download on Ravelry or at and if you know Ingrid — wish her the happiest of days today!


New England Wool & Fiber Festival Recap!




We had a truly wonderful weekend at the New England Wool and Fiber Festival.  Thank you to all our awesome customers who stopped by and said hello!  It was so lovely to meet so many and see your beautiful knits!





At times during the show our booth so so packed with people it was impossible to move.  This was so fun for us and very encouraging.  We feel truly thankful!


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