Last Minute Gift Set

We have just under two weeks to go until Christmas! You may still be kidding yourself that you’re going to finish all the things you intended to knit for your loved ones, but reality should be sinking in – you’re running out of time! Can you tell we’ve been there, done that? Actually, if I’m being honest with you, I’m still doing that. I have at least one pair of mitts I want to bang out.  In case you can’t get the hat, mitts, and scarves knit in time, consider one of our gift sets – they’re an amazing gift for that special knitter in your life. Our gift set includes 3 skeins of Worsted weight yarn in our seasonal color ways (Poinsettia, Blackwatch, and Tartan) along with 3 faux fur pompoms. Order by Dec. 17th for Christmas delivery!



Holiday Colors – Limited Release Now Available


Our limited release of Holiday 2018 color ways are live in four of our Nice & Knit bases including Fingering, Sock, DK, and Worsted! Pictured above (left to right): Drive-In, Poinsettia, Driftwood, Black watch, Christmas Bow, Tartan, Navy Pier. These colors turned out to be some of our most favorite color ways – maybe because they’re inspired by our favorite plaids or maybe just because we love this season so much.

Let’s take a closer look:






Christmas Bow


They’re so fun and festive to work with whether you whip up a quick hat or pair of socks to gift or just a little something for yourself. I was so eager to use Black watch last week, that I quickly whipped up a Fidra by Gudrun Johnston (amazing pattern, btw) hat out of it.  The pattern calls for Bulky weight yarn, but I just held our Worsted weight double. One skein was the perfect amount for this hat. It’ll be a hat that I wouldn’t hesitate to make again an again. And I really love the fit, it’s not to sloppy or slouchy!  I topped it off with one of our faux fur pompoms which will be posted to the shop this week!


And did you know a really simple way to attach those pompoms to your hats? A customer recently shared that all you need to do is sew a small button into the inside of the hat crown. The pompoms have a little elastic button loop on them so you can feed it through the top and attach it to the button. It’s super easy to do and the pompom doesn’t flip flop around, but the best part is that you can remove the pompom or washing or blocking and then reattach when dry!


We can’t wait to see what you make, so be sure to post on Instagram, Ravelry or Facebook with the #niceandknit tag.

Launching this week! HOLIDAY 2018

The twinkling lights, cozy fireplaces roaring, red, green and plaid all over and the sounds of Christmas carols had us inspired in the studio last week. So much so that we create a few new colorways to celebrate the sights and sounds of the season. This year’s inspiration mostly drew from some of our favorite plaids and flannels. We’ll have a round up of 4 new colors coming this week and it just so happens they compliment some of our old favorites perfectly, too! Stay tuned….

SHOP UPDATE Adventurous Wrap Kits available now

Our Adventurous Wrap Kits are back in the shop!

These kits are curated for the wildly popular pattern The Adventurous Wrap by Ambah Obrien.  25 mini skeins (20 g and 87 yards each) are dyed in an incredible fade of two coordinating color ways.

I think every knitter could use these in their stash, for all those shawls and faded sweaters we’re constantly dreaming about!

We did a large dye batch of these kits so hopefully you can snag one before they’re sold out!

Available Here NOW!

Just Launched! Spring 2018 Speckled Yarns

Our Spring Speckled yarns are live at!
it’s always so fun for us to dream up new colors, especially fun speckled skeins. Our spring collection for 2018 is live and inspired by our usual passion for the sea, sun and sky but also our other love of flowers and gardening – especially with the anticipation of warmer weather.  Our spring colors are available in our Fingering, Sock MCN, DK and Worsted weights! Here’s a peek of a few of our favorites!



Ironically, as we post this we’re in the midst of a snow storm – a nor’easter that’s expected to dump about 8-12 inches on us in the next 12 hours…but we’ve got Spring on our needles!


Adventurous Wrap Kits Available for Pre-Order

I recently finished one of the most enjoyable projects – the Adventurous Wrap by Ambah O’Brien.  The construction is very similar to our Southbound pattern but just two triangles instead of 3 and it’s done in a 25 color fade of fingering weight yarn.  It’s incredibly simple but the color changing and fading is so motivating. I didn’t want to set this one down. ever. and now that it’s done, I’m eager to cast on another! We’ve worked this in a few different color combinations we’re excited to share and will continue to reinvent the color line ups. The possibilities are all so beautiful and endless.

We’ve done a few kits and it’s been so popular so we’re doing our very best to keep up with the demand! In an effort to make sure we can get as many kits out as possible, we’ve created a pre-order open from now until this Friday, Feb. 23 at midnight EST. Kits are featuring the colors below and will ship on or before March 1 (within one week after the pre-order window closes).  Kits include 25 petite skeins (87 yds each) of Superwash merino yarn in Fingering weight. Total yards 2175 for $150.00



2018: New Year, New Color

Happy New Year! It’s pretty typical of us to catch up with the calendar about 10 days late, but alas we certainly do wish you a happy new year. ;)  I always love the beginning of a new year, I get myself a new planner, set goals, reevaluate what I don’t want to repeat from 2017, what I do want to repeat from 2017. I find it all very motivating. It’s also a time when ideas and creativity are flowing… actually, they are generally OVERflowing between the two of us, but that’s another topic for another day.

Today we’re excited to show you a new color that came from one of those recent creative sessions. We’re calling this ‘2018’ and it’s a brand new colorway just for this year! It’s available in 4 different bases (Fingering, Sock MCN, DK and Worsted weights). The base color is a beautiful soft blue with speckles of pink, green, brighter blue, purple and maroon. The finished fabric would provide an overall blue tone with small sprinkles and pops of color. We hope you love it as much as we do!


Day2 – Ingy Hat

Another $2 pattern for you. Our Ingy hat is a favorite. It’s a worsted weight hat that knits up quickly and easily with just enough cabling to make it squishy and beautiful. I shouldn’t encourage craziness but I just can’t help myself. If you still need a last minute gift there’s still time to knit this one before Christmas…just sayin’.


Day 3 Promotion- Kate’s Poncho

Our Kate’s Poncho is our most loved pattern when we hit the road. Year after year, show after show, this pattern is always the star.  Today only, Kate’s Poncho pattern is available on Ravelry or for just $2!


Day5 – Winter Wind

Influenza has officially made its appearance at our house, despite getting our flu shots. Things are moving at a slower pace but that tends to be good for me – it forces me to slow down. I usually try to go about my days at mach 10 speed but somehow on days where I’m forced to stay put I end up feeling the most accomplished.  I’m hoping that with 6 days left until Christmas it’ll give us enough time for everyone to be healthy again!

Today is Day 5 in our Nice & Knit 12 Days of Christmas and we’re highlighting our Winter Wind pattern. Though we call it Winter wind, this really is one of those knits that can be worn in just about any season other than 90 degree weather. It’s super simple to make – a great beginner pattern and it’s even more fun to create color combinations. The pattern uses 1 skein of Worsted Weight yarn and is alternated with 1 Skinny mini skein of our Fingering weight yarn.

It might sound a little crazy with just 6 days to go but if you have some worsted and fingering weight yarns in your stash this could still be knit up as a quick Christmas gift. There’s time and this one goes quickly!

The pattern download is now available on Ravelry and for just $2.00!

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