I started this quilt even before we started this blog but it’s still not finished yet.  That’s pretty typical for me. I get very excited, spend several hours on a project and for one reason or another I abandon it without finishing it.  In this case, the reason was that I made a pretty huge error…as in not sewing right sides together so that when you open the quilt square you’re looking at the right side of one fabric, and the wrong side of the other. Oops!

I have never quilted before and I am not 100% sure I know what I’m doing but I think I do, so I’m rolling with that.  The original plan was to make a nice big quilt for my queen bed – sometimes my ideas are a little grandiose.   I have most of the squares put together and ready for the same quilt just in a smaller size so that’s my new goal – finish this at a smaller size.

I am using 1/2 squares which is kind of cool because you can arrange them in a bunch of different ways so that’s where you come in. I need help deciding – vote below on your favorite configuration






Whaddya think?

6 Comments on “Quilting

  1. I am a quilter. I like all of them but prefer 1 and 2. My suggestion would be to get a piece of graph paper or regular paper and sketch up using light, dark and medium tones with a little squiggle for the pattern squares and see how they lay out in multiples. You don’t have to draw in all of them, just enough to see the pattern. Good Luck! Not quite as portable as knitting, right?

  2. I was reading an article yesterday that said “quilting is the new knitting.” So I guess you’re on the right track, Katie. The suggestion about graph paper makes so much sense; what a great idea!

  3. You pay for both sides of the fabric, so you can use both sides! I would play up the right side/wrong side contrast and do half-and-half so it looks deliberate: Configuration 1 with half right focus and half wrong focus would be very neat. Otherwise, in general, unless you fussy cut to get a kaleidoscope affect, you will be disappointed when you seam the same fabrics together as in 1 and 4: it ends up looking like you were trying to stretch your fabric to fit and had to piece patches together. Not a great look.

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