Knitter’s Pride Giveaway!

It’s time to start thinking about fall knitting…even though I have not finished any of my spring/summer projects!  I have a goal to complete a pair of socks this fall.  I have the Knitter’s Pride double pointed needles, along with at least 6 skeins of sock yarn that will be the perfect fall color.  I just need to finish my current projects before I begin!

The Knitter’s Pride double pointed needles are beautiful and we want one of you to have a set!

To enter, leave a comment telling us what your current knitting project is (feel free to include pattern names), or what you plan to cast on this fall!

We will pick a winner Tuesday July 3rd.  Have a wonderful weekend!

47 Comments on “Knitter’s Pride Giveaway!

  1. Right now I am working on a Halfruni- a modified version of the Haruni shawl. It is for my knitting friend, who I met on Ravelry. She lives in Germany.
    When I am done with that I will start on Cedar Leaf Shawlette by Alana Dakos. When that is finished I will have knit 7 shawls and be done with my Christmas knitting- yay!
    Thanks for a fun giveaway and good luck with your socks!

  2. I am working on about five projects because that’s how I roll. I’m working on a shawl that’s the kind of mindless knitting you can do at the end of day when your brain is fried, a sweater for my granddaughter, a little jumper for a friend’s new granddaughter (knitting for grandchildren is so wonderful because they’re so tiny; instant gratification!) and am about to start a tunic. I have complete needle lust for these and would so love to win!


  3. I am working on about five projects because I’m that kind of knitter: a sweater for my granddaughter, a jumper for a friend’s new baby (love those tiny sizes!), a shawl that is the kind of mindless knitting I do after a crazy day at work, and am about to start a tunic for a friend’s birthday. Somewhere in there should be something for me! These needles would be a nice start to that :) They’re gorgeous.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  4. I am finishing “Seamless Willow Summer Top” this week made with Tanis Fibers “Yellow Label DK Weight – Deep Sea” and casting on Shallot by Rowan in a soft yellow silk and bamboo yarn that I found quite a while ago. I think this is the pattern for it!!

  5. Those are lovely! (I LOVE double pointed–my faves!) :) I am actually crocheting a bag right now–but I have several knitted projects sitting untouched right now. Socks (2-at-a-time-toe-up), a sun hat (Green Mtn Spinnery “Saucy Sunhat”) and a baby hat for my cousins new baby!

  6. I am on the lace portion of the Oaklet Shawl. The yarn is by Teresa Ruch Designs It’s light blue & rust and is coming together beautifully. (I have to say, it looks very pretty in the yarn bowl I was lucky to receive for Mother’s Day!). I just bought a copy of “Coastal Knits”. My Fall project will definitely be a sweater from there. The hardest part will be choosing which one!! Your projects have kept me inspired & knitting this summer, BTW. Thank you!

  7. I’m working on a set of four berets, and a test knit of a cardigan, which is due by the end of July, once I’m done those, I want to turn my attention to do some designing of my own this fall

  8. I had forgot about a Zauberball I had for a while… in the Spring I took it out and found the Ashton shawl by Dee O’keefe. I’m pretty new to this lace thing and I ripped the whole shalw 6X already before I decided to use a life line (about time! loll). But I’m getting to the end FINALLY!!! For the fall, my next challenge is fairisle… I have yarn just need to sit down quietly with my laptop and watch youtube and give it a try

  9. Well I have this really pretty rust cardigan started with an Ultra Pima cotton…it will be perfect for the fall. I also cast on for a Summer Flies shawl in a sock wieght wool….variegated blues. After that it will be something with cables…..something I’ve wanted to learn to do for a long time. I assume the first thing I will need is double pointed needles! How nice it would be to be the winner of this giveaway! :)

  10. What a lovely giveaway; thanks for hosting! I’ve been wanting to do so much more with DPNs.

    I currently have about 7 knit and crochet projects in work, but the most active are a seed stitch cotton blanket and the Diane Willett Knitted Lace Garter.

    I definitely want to work on a sweater or two and some comfy “slipper socks” for Fall/Winter.

  11. I am knitting “Old World Booties” (Green Serf Booties) for a co-worker who is expecting in October. The pattern is by Sanguine Gryphon and all the new mothers love the way they fit and look on their babies. Casting on the “Chaleur” sweater by Julie Hoover for myself and a pair of Halloween (black and orange) striped socks for my girlfriend who’s birthday is actually on Halloween! Love look of these needles…Bet they’re wonderful to work with.

  12. I’m currently knitting “earth baby infant hat” for my husband’s friend’s new baby. I dont know waht I’ll be knitting this fall, I have so many projects in mind! More hats, shawls, and socks of course. I’d LOVE to win this, it would make a great birthday gift for me, my birthday is tomorrow! :D

  13. Just working on two projects – Caramel Cardigan – love! and Through the Loops Shawl KAL – love! Looking for new project ideas soon – maybe something on new double points! What a nice give away – I really enjoy your blog!

  14. I have Georgia on my needles and I’m hoping to finish it today! Next up will probably be Aidez, Sexy Vesty or Nathan. I’m definitely on a sweater/sweater vest kick. :)

  15. Right now I have 2 projects on needles. Big Honkin’ Bag (ravelry) to use for my knitting on the plane to meet the girls in Vegas and Patterned Shawl with Crocheted Fringe that I got from Patternworks….making the shawl for my mom (she’s been patiently waiting 2 years!)

  16. I’m working on several small gift projects (e.g., but the project that I can’t wait to get back to is Lacie Lynnae’s Bernadette Lace Blouse ( And I really want to start my own version of rililie’s Perfect Snuggly Lounge Cardi (!

    I’ve never tried dpns… always used magic loop, but I’d really like to! Maybe a fun pair of legwarmers would be in order for the fall. :)

  17. Beautiful set! I currently have more projects than I can count off the top of my head, but some of the more prominent ones are a large blanket for a friend using a modified version of the bias baby blanket on Ravelry, a small cardigan for a nephew, two different socks both just vanilla one for my husband and one for me, and the wingspan shawl.

  18. Beautiful needles!! I just started a new project last night, a “Sweet Poppy” sweater for my daughter with some really pretty yarn. It is looking awesome already!! This fall I really want to work on some socks though, I have a ton of sock yarn that I need to use up!

  19. Lovely needles! I am working on summer bolero (drops119) by Drops designs…lacy pattern with lots of holes suitable for warm weather and pleasant nights here in California. In the fall, I want to work on Honeybee cardigan by Laura Chau. Would also like to knit my first pair of socks :-)

  20. I’m working on “Skew” socks from Knitty–just got to the “origami moment” and am quite excited. There is also a “Little Bubbles” sweater from Knit Picks on needles, too. Oh, and a dish cloth–pattern reading is too hard while at city band concerts with 2 toddlers, hehe.

  21. I am working on “Bloom” which has been a lot of fun. I would love to do some kind of sweater/cardigan for myself this fall…also there are so many cute sweaters for little girls, so I might do that too!

  22. i am finishing the toe of a sock..that i used the tomato heel..can’t wait to try that on a better yarn..using Mary Maxim..bamboo silk..lovely to look at beautiful to hold..not a pleasure to knit! i would love to win the needles. i have 8 other projects also…love to start!

  23. I just completed Ginko shawlette in some awsome Tannis yarn that Katie gave me (she actually convinced me I was helping her out by using up some of her stash!) Now I just have to figure out how to block it or I may be taking it all out and reknitting it on larger needles! Thanks to both of you for all the inspirations.

  24. Working on several projects to include, a second color affection shawl, panaramic stole, seven circles necklace and boys sweater! Thanks for the giveaway

  25. How did you know I’m a sucker for dpns? I am currently working on a pair of Hermione socks (free pattern on Rav) but I hope to cast on my first shawl after they are done. And no, it will NOT be a lace shawl.

  26. I am currently working on a Fairview Scarf by Tanis. Then I need to hunker down and finish my third Girasole. Then I think I am going to tackle a sweater or vest.

  27. I’ve got several projects on the go right now. A pair of socks, two (three!) shawls, and a sweater. I’m bursting with ideas, so I hope I can make a dent in that pile!

  28. I’m working on the Katrine sweater by Quince & Co. Quick and beautiful pattern! I highly recommend it. Thanks for the fun contest!

  29. I’m not currently knitting anything because I’ve been really busy training for a summer teaching job. However, as soon as I get a breather from that I need to actually finish some fingerless gloves I was designing. In the fall I think I want to try knitting some socks and maybe my first sweater :)

  30. I’m in the midst of knitting a “potato chip” scarf – because you can’t knit just one according to the pattern. It’s a beautiful ruffled scarf and I will never have more than 20 stitches in my needle at once. :)
    Those dp needles are lovely!

  31. The truth is my current projects are all socks or in sock yarn! I have the Pillar Socks on the needles and a Sock Yarn Blanket in progress as well!

  32. I have already started Christmas knitting. I am making all my sister in laws a cute snowman with hat and scarf accessories. Then it’s on to scarfs for the nieces. Those needles look like they could make quick work of anything.

  33. Hi, I’m new to knitting and to your blog. Our first grandbaby is due in October – a boy!- so I’ve just started a baby blanket (a very basic one!). I’ll be keeping an eye on what you’re working on to see if I can expand my knitting skills.

  34. HI!!! I am also new to your blog – love it! I’m working on a few things – trying to concentrate on finishing Brooke Nico’s lace tunic that was in the Vogue Knitting Spring mag last year. It’s my first sweater (for me) and the sleeves are alot easier than I’d thought. Just like the first pair of socks were that I knitted – I worried and worried about turning the heel until I actually went in and did it!

  35. After several failed attempts at a Berroco Vintage child’s lace dresses I just cast on TINY tea leaves cardi this morning which seems to be going much better! I’m getting a heads start on my Christmas gifts this year!

  36. Right now I’m wrapping up a garter stitch baby blanket for a shower, and then I should wrap up the Longitudinal socks for my 9-year-old. Thanks for the giveaway!

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