Peabody Purse

I started Peabody, with Jared Floods Shelter yarn, way back in October, when we began this blog.  I fell out of love with it, and it has sat idle for months.  My plan was to rip out my hard work, and reuse the yarn for my Garasole afghan.  I was having a hard time actually ripping it out, and had an idea to use the sweater as a hand bag.  I am so glad I did not rip it out!

The sweater was knit in the round, so all I had to do was sew up the bottom seam!  Then I used my boys leather belt from the Gap to make a strap, and the buckle for a clasp.  (Ry was worried about his belt, but I know where to get another.)  I had some of my favorite material laying around so I lined the bag with that. 

Darren spent the day yesterday, sick with the stomach bug.  I know, similar to last week! 

When I can get out of the house again, I am all ready to go!

18 Comments on “Peabody Purse”

  1. Came out so good! So glad you didn’t rip out all that work! Makes a neat one of a kind bag only you will have! How’s the big guy today?

  2. Wow – so super cute! And super creative, I hate ripping projects out – such hard work all wound back up – nice way to get around it with a awesome new purse!

  3. Sooooo cool – seriously!? I still have visions of this bag dancing in my head…inspiring me to finish a knitted bag I have in the “hey-I’m still here!” pile…

  4. I saw this on Pinterest and wanted to stop by and tell you how wonderful it is! I don’t knit but I have an old sweater that I’d like to try this with. Thanks for sharing it!

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