I owe you.  I didn’t post yesterday and I’m feeling bad. Truth is, I have a ton of knitting projects going on right now, but I’m really just not ready to share yet.  I also  wanted you to admire Katie’s Peabody purse for another day – just to show you how awesome I think it is.

If I give away a $25 Starbucks Gift card will you forgive me?

To enter, just leave a comment for us and tell us what you’d like to see from Nice & Knit in the future.  Katie and I have a meeting planned to over ideas we have, and we’d love to add your ideas into the mix for consideration!

Update:  Forgot to tell you that we’ll announce the winner tomorrow!

29 Comments on “Giveaway”

  1. First of all, I could really use that card this AM! I would love to see the blanket that you were putting together in blocks. What happened to that?

  2. Easy trims or stitches that make a simple piece look complicated. Like the herringbone is easy but looks so beautifully complicated.
    New to your blog and loving it.

  3. I love the home decor idea….I am planning on knitting up some pillows for our new sofa set….it would be great to see some pillows on here…..I love your blog!!

  4. I love your blog! I especially like to see the finished products modeled! perhaps more info about where you obtain your yarns…

  5. I, too, am enjoying the home decor knits–gets me out of my socks, hats, mittens and toddler sweaters routine. I may not every get to knitting something for my home, but just thinking about the possibilities is nice =). Also, always curious about other people’s stash management idea.

  6. Thanks for the giveaway, I would love to see some wraps and shawl designs. I love the purse so maybe one of those too!

  7. As a novice, I’d love to see tutorials and explanations about blocking methods, needle types, yarn descriptions, etc. It’d be cool if you could do product reviews and comparisons, etc. Regardless, I love visiting here each day. (Great giveaway idea! – You can keep me out, to avoid nepotism. :)

  8. How about a tutorial or group project? A list of your favorite yarns, patterns, blogspots, and podcasts, websites and why you like them

  9. Ah, Starbucks! That would be lovely right now! I am loving this new blog. Knitting and crocheting is on my to do list this year, I would love some info for beginners. Any suggestions of books etc to get people started.

  10. I think you’ve nailed it with the look and feel of your blog. It’s relaxing and fun to read and you have a good balance of knitting vs the rest of your lives. I’d be interested in hearing some of the parts of knitting that many bloggers don’t write about: What are your finishing techniques? How do you prep for a new project?

  11. Love the diversity of your blog. How about some video tutorials for some of your projects. I also like the home decor projects (including the ones that don’t involve knitting, like the lampshade.)

  12. As something less than a novice (and yes,that is what I am), I’d like to see the experts detail a practical progression of knitting projects – you know, this is easy and simple, this is slightly more complicated, here is how to read an easy pattern, etc. Any video tutorials would be wonderful as I think that is how I learn the best. Love the blog!

  13. I’m new to your blog, but I love any home decor ideas. I’ve been knitting for so long and have yet to knit any home decor….for myself at least.

  14. I love your blog, and your finished projects. I enjoy your different ideas. Would love to see more home ideas and sweaters.
    Keep up the fun blog.

  15. I would love to see some simple wraps. I am totally obsessed with wraps and cowls right not but I am a beginner and am having trouble finding easy patterns for wraps. I also love the decorating with knitted items! I am also new to your blog and am loving it.

  16. I’m loving your blog! As a newbie knitter I appreciate the awesome projects, but they seem way out of my league. I would love to see some real simple ideas. I also love all the nonknitting ideas mixed in…the recipes those I can handle!

  17. I’m a brand new (today!) reader, and I already love everything I’ve seen!
    PS~ I found you through luvinthemommyhood’s blog.

  18. I too love your blog! I would like to know if you have any ideas what to do with left over yarn, that there is to little for a whole new project, but to much to throw away.

  19. I would love more info on getting starting. I’m new to this & would like some basics.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  20. I love the look and content of this blog! I’d like more tutorials on things, not just patterns… but maybe that’s me, I’m new to knitting!

  21. I love your diversified blog. It’s always fun to see your next project. If anything, I would probably enjoy seeing some “easy” projects and more info about the patterns. Great giveaway idea, but you can count me out this time!

  22. I would like to see a photo tutorial for the straps on the bag you just finished. Thinking I may need to make that myself. I’d also be interested in doing a sort of knit along. I appreciate the diversity of what you do. Home, self, gift. I look forward to seeing an update in my mailbox. I want so much to post as often as you both do. I’ll get there.

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