Poolhouse Transformation to Schoolhouse

We know this space has been a bit quiet, but our making and our creative ideas have been anything but quiet – similar to the noise levels of our households lately with everyone staying and working at home. A few weeks ago our school district announced our back to school plan. I emphasize plan because I’m trying to remind myself that things can change quickly regardless if we want them to or not. Having the prospect of a daily agenda has given me a glimpse into the old version of myself prior to COVID shutdown and it has been so motivating.

I’ve been tackling a lot of house projects, organization, and hitting a groove with my daily workouts, too! We’re so looking forward to the new school year. Our district is moving forward with a hybrid model where my second grader will be in school in person with half of her class just two days per week, everyone is distant learning on Wednesdays and the other half of her class attends the last two days of the week. My son who starts Kindergarten this year is able to attend in person 4 half days per week. He’ll also be home on Wednesdays. This means that either one or both will still be doing a significant amount of distance learning. I can’t say that by the time June rolled around any of us were in a peaceful place with distance learning so I’ve been very determined to make this next year a positive experience for all of us.

Coincidentally, earlier this Spring (so very thankful for the timing) we finished the interior of our pool house that we put up last year. Even though we had finished the interior of the poolhouse, we hadn’t finalized how we’d be using the second story. Our original plan was to make this a guest room since we don’t have one in our house and I suppose one day it may still become our guest room but given our current situation, I went ahead and transformed this space in a schoolhouse for distance learning. Our poolhouse is detached from our home which I think is perfect so that we get to “leave” and keep our learning space separate from their play space. We’re all in love with this space and eager to start school!

Sources (linked where available) here: Butcher Block Top & 2×2″ Select Pine wood for the legs (Home Depot), Chairs, 5 x 7 area rugs, clock and desk lamp, waste basket, plant and backpack baskets, and magazine rack (At Home) Utensil Crock (Target).

I was originally inspired by these DIY desks from @ourfauxfarmhouse on Instagram.

Watch their stories highlight at the top of their profile, it is a fun, quick and rewarding project and it was just what I needed in my life. I begged (for probably the 20th time) my husband to let me get a saw and a nail gun to which he finally said “yes” and I hit the ground running. The first thing I did was google how tall a standard desk is (29″ if you need to know) but unfortunately in my first attempt to make this desk I made a rookie mistake and didn’t account for the height of the butcher block I was using for the top so it turned out just a tad high for a children’s desk. I chalked it up to a practice piece and we now use it as a work bench in our garage and a place to store my beautiful new saw.

I got a new butcher block piece and adjusted my leg height to 27.5″ +1.5″ butcher block for a standard desk height for 29″. The butcher block I’m using is a premade piece from Home Depot. I got the 50″ top. The only modification I made from the Faux Farmhouse original desk was to add a few more supports to the desk. It was just a little too wobbly for my taste, especially for our little kids who may not be too gentle with it. Here are some photos during my process. I spray painted the legs using Behr Chalk Spray paint in the Noir color. This isn’t the first time I’ve used that paint (I’ll post those projects soon, too) and I really love how easy it is to use and I just love the look of it. It’s a good charcoal gray/black.

Accessorizing and creating this space has been a real pleasure and spurred so many more projects I’ve been tackling and can’t wait to share with you. My knitting needles are starting to call me back though, there’s just the slightest fall chill in the air and it’s beckoning me to pick them up again in-between my house projects!

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