Pattern: Cladonia from Kristen Kapur.

I love this shawl from Through the Loops.  It feels so nice wrapped around your shoulders. It’s going to be hard to give it away but I have officially completed my first Christmas gift for 2011.  I’m proud of myself because I’m far ahead of last year. I think I started my knitted gifts in November last year.  This year I started at the end of August.

I bought the yarn at a local wool festival and held onto it for a little while looking for just the right pattern to make.  I’m so glad I have another skein because it’s warm and soft and squishy.  I don’t think this will be the last time I knit this pattern, but looking through Kristen Kapour’s designs on Ravelry I think the Nefertem shawl might be the winner for my extra skein.. It was quick & easy and an all around enjoyable knit.  It’s such a practical shawl too – it goes with anything. I won’t tell ya who it’s for, but I have to say – I’m a little jealous. My Ravely project.

Inspiration Board

As an oil painter I have a lot of frames hanging around my art room.  Some are very beautiful but empty. 

I decided to make an inspiration board to hang in my office with an empty frame, scrap textured wallpaper and cork board (cardboard works as well).

Now I can pin up my yarn sample cards, photos, patterns or that poor fingerless glove that is waiting for a mate!

(Sample cards from Brooklyn Tweed, Tanis Fiber Arts and Quince & Co)



And on the other side of my office I do have a frame with an actual oil painting :)

Work in Progress: A Men’s Tie

My Dad always wore these ties and so I thought it was pretty cool when my husband started wearing them.  Don’t let the idea of a tie fool you. I thought it’d be a quick knit but turns out knitting 60″ inches on a size 4 needle it’s going to take a little longer than expected. For now this is a project that I pick up and work on in between my other projects. The pattern is originally called Dennis, but I think it’s needs more of a Prep School name so I call it Winfield.

Pattern: Dennis
Yarn: Handmaiden Fine Yarn Sea Silk
Color: Ocean

I’m trying something new with this project – square double-pointed needles.  Have any of you ever tried these before? I don’t have strong feelings about them one way or the other. I do think that I like them better than wood or bamboo but was originally looking for the Addi double pointed.  Has anyone use the Addis? I would love to hear about your experience with them!
Here’s my Ravelry project

WIP: BT FALL ’11 – Peabody

I have admired Jared Flood’s patterns for a long time.  A few weeks ago I was excited to see his new collection of patterns BT Fall ’11 designed by Jared, Leila Raabe and Michele Wang.

They are beautiful!  As soon as I saw the pattern Peabody by Leila Raabe, I knew it was my next project.

A couple clicks and 6 skeins of Brooklyn Tweeds SHELTER in Hayloft were on the way to my door.  The shipping is super fast and I received my package 2 days after ordering!

I cast on right away…updates soon!



Pattern: Featherweight from Hannah Fettig (

This is a quick knit and I always love top down knitting so you don’t have to sew the sleeves in after the fact. Something about finishing a garment and sewing the sleeves in that equals procrastination for me. I think it’s a great pattern especially if you’re a beginner knitter.

It’s great grab & go cardi especially for this time of year when you need something light to throw on.  I added some length to the body so that it would hit at the top of my pants. I also added some length to the ribbing on the bottom and sleeves. I do have a few regrets with this knit unfortunately.  I went down a size 5 to correct my gauge but in hindsight wish I had stuck with the size 6. The sleeves ended up a bit tight and I would have preferred it a little more loose.  I grabbed this yarn from a local wool festival and it’s 100% wool which leaves it a little scratchy. Tight sleeves and slightly scratchy yarn usually means it’s not the first cardigan I grab from my closet.

My Ravelry Project


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