Millie Knit-a-long

With a little encouragement from our friend Meg, of the woolandcookies Podcast, we’ve decided to put together a Millie KAL. In the spirit for Summer living, we wanted to keep it super simple, without any strict rules or too much structure. Pretty much all you need to know is: 
PatternMillie by Nice & Knit 
Yarn: Anything you like, but may we suggest Nice & Knit Fingering 
Dates: Cast on somewhere around July 1 and bind off by the end of the summer. 
Sharing: Please do share your projects on social media, we truly love seeing them. A few hashtags you can use are: #milliekal, #makingamillie #milliesweaterKAL  We also created a Ravelry forum for us to cheer each other on.

Prizes: We’ll be giving away a 3 skein set of Nice & Knit Fingering weight at the end of the KAL to knit your next Millie. ;) If this is your first, we don’t think it’ll be your last. In order to enter to win, you’ll need to share a photo of you wearing the sweater either on Instagram, Facebook or in the Ravelry forum.

We want you to knit for the love of it and make your new favorite sweater in the process.

If you don’t know what the Millie sweater is, it’s our own Nice & Knit design that magically flatters pretty much every size and shape. It’s comfortable, light as a feather and really ideal for 3 seasons. The feedback has been overwhelming, everyone who knits it, loves it.

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