New Shawl Cuffies

Introducing Nice & Knit Cuffies! Katie’s three boys are on summer break and while she loves having them home, she was also looking for a way to keep them busy. In typical Katie style, she created something new and taught the boys how to hand make and hand-dye these beautiful leather shawl cuffs and they’ve started their own business! Each is handcrafted, distressed and hand dyed by Katie’s three sons, Ryan, Brandon, and Darren. Nice & Knit Cuffies are available in various styles and colors NOW at! Cuffs are approximately 1.5 x 7 in. and feature a button and washer closure. We offer two different styles – either ‘buffed’ or ‘ombré’. Buffed cuffs feature a more even dye all over the cuff. Ombré cuffs are more saturated with dye on one side and gradually fade to brown leather. Cuffs are also available in 3 different colors: Turquoise, Pink and Gold. They make a really beautiful yet functional addition to your shawls!

See us highlight them in our most recent podcast, too!

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