We’ve been a little distracted by the amazing hubbub of holiday orders but now that we’re all caught up the reality is sinking in — Vogue Knitting Live in NYC is just a little more than a month away! There’s lots of work to do before then and we’ll be scurrying around the studio as fast as we can. You can find us at VKL in booth 408 and we’ll be bringing with us some special friends. We’re so excited to announce that we’re partnering up with some of our favorite podcasters and makers for the event.

First, we’re teaming up with the beautiful Sandra Reuston aka Sandy by the Lakeside who not only is the creator of a wonderful podcast, she is also an incredible seamstress. Her hand-made bags top our list as some of our favorite project bags.  

We approached Sandy awhile back and asked if we could create a custom bag just for Nice & Knit and just for VKL. We were thrilled when she said yes, and even more thrilled when she selected some amazing fabrics.  We’ll have in our booth a small and large bag but quantities will be super limited so we recommend snagging one as quickly as you can!  The bags are fully lined, expertly sewn, feature high quality finishes, include the cutest silver tassels on the zipper pulls and are finished off with a shimmering sparkly silver bottom. We call them our “City Lights Large Project Bag” and “City Lights Small Project bag”. 

We are also so privileged to know Sophia Shaik from The Knitters League Podcast. She’s been a great friend for a few years and now we get to work together for this event. She has been so kind to us and has offered on many occasions to help us should we ever need it. We knew as soon as we signed up for Vogue that we could count on Sophia to come along on this journey. Sophia will be helping us run the register, meet and greet you, help with colors, offer tips and share some awesome knitting knowledge.

We just can’t wait to spend the weekend with these ladies and with you

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