2018: New Year, New Color

Happy New Year! It’s pretty typical of us to catch up with the calendar about 10 days late, but alas we certainly do wish you a happy new year. ;)  I always love the beginning of a new year, I get myself a new planner, set goals, reevaluate what I don’t want to repeat from 2017, what I do want to repeat from 2017. I find it all very motivating. It’s also a time when ideas and creativity are flowing… actually, they are generally OVERflowing between the two of us, but that’s another topic for another day.

Today we’re excited to show you a new color that came from one of those recent creative sessions. We’re calling this ‘2018’ and it’s a brand new colorway just for this year! It’s available in 4 different bases (Fingering, Sock MCN, DK and Worsted weights). The base color is a beautiful soft blue with speckles of pink, green, brighter blue, purple and maroon. The finished fabric would provide an overall blue tone with small sprinkles and pops of color. We hope you love it as much as we do!


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