Pattern release: Gardener’s Pullover

Gardeners-85 copy

Our newest pattern Gardener’s Pullover is now available on our website at and on Ravelry.  This oversized and loose sweater is the perfect weight for cooler spring days and evenings.  The seed stitch and beautiful cables make this a interesting and very rewarding knit.

The prototype has been in the works for months and in my mind for years!  We were overjoyed to find the perfect new DK to add to Nice & Knit Yarns.

Our new DK Luxe is the most fantastic blend of 65/20/15 Merino Wool Superwash, Silk and Yak.  DK Luxe is a generous 230 yards, the yarn is incredibly soft with a gorgeous sheen, it knits up like an absolute dream!

Wave, Summer Sun & Hazy Skies

2017-03-05 14.21.19-22017-03-05 14.21.42

Gardeners Pullover really is my absolute favorite knit of all time…I think you’ll think so too!


5 Comments on “Pattern release: Gardener’s Pullover

  1. Cute sweater, love the length of the sleeves. Just wondering how you struck upon the name – maybe as there’s quite a bit of seed stitch?

    • good question! It was more about the time of year and the type of weather when you’d be wearing it, was also the time of year you might be planting your gardens!

      • Great answer. I just like the sweater – I tend to look out at my garden this time of year and think ‘oops, forgot to sort out everything at the end of last year again. Now it’s all overgrown again!’

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