New Pattern and Project Kits Available: Winter Wind

Our latest cowl pattern, Winter Wind, is blowing in just in time for the holiday season!  Winter Wind mixes our Nice & Knit Worsted and Fingering weight bases to create an accessory that is so luxuriously soft and light, yet still so toasty warm that you might even mistake it for cashmere.

This project makes a great holiday gift – and there’s still time to knit it! This can be done start to finish in just a few days!



Winter Wind Project Kits include:
1 Digital Download of Winter Wind Pattern
1 Skein of Nice & Knit Worsted
1 Skinny Mini Skein of Nice & Knit Fingering
**Holiday color combination also includes a petite skein of Worsted for light gray edging. (approximately 50 yds)

Available only as a project kit until Jan 31, 2017. Pattern only downloads will be available after that date. 

Project kits are available in 5 pre-selected color combinations (see below) or you can pick your own! In the comments portion of checkout, be sure to let us know what color worsted weight and what color fingering weight you’d like!

*Holiday: Cherrystone, Dockside and Driftwood
Evergreen: Kelp and Barnacle
Deep Blue: Anchor and Seaside
Cloudy Skies: Harpoon and Nantucket
Passion: Cherrystone and Sailor’s Sky
Pick Your Own: don’t forget to let us know your color choices in the comments at checkout!

3 Comments on “New Pattern and Project Kits Available: Winter Wind

  1. Is this pattern appropriate for a beginner, i.e. Someone who has only completed a grand total of three basic dishcloths?

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