Pondhopper Hat

I’m going to try and squeeze in a project before our Pretty Ponchos Knit Along begins!  It’s just a hat – but a lovely one – so I’m hoping it’s possible to finish in the new couple of days.

A few weeks back Alicia Plummer released ‘Pondhopper‘ which is beautiful cabled hat featuring our Nice & Knit DK weight. I instantly loved the look of the hat but other projects meant I couldn’t cast it on right away. But now my Channel Cardigan (post coming soon) is entirely off my needles and it’s not Oct. 1st yet so I can’t start my poncho which means there’s no better time than the present to start Pondhopper!

img_4982_medium2 img_4999_medium2

I’m working this up in our Seaside Colorway and will top it off with a fuzzy faux pompom. Maybe, just maybe I’ll be sharing FO projects by the end of the week!

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