R&R Hoodie – #4 for My Guy

This version of the R&R Hoodie marks the 4th time I’ve knit this knit and I’m always thrilled with the outcome and thoroughly enjoy the process of making it.  The first three I made were for my kids and I was dying for an adult version. Lucky for all of us, Tanis Lavallee updated the pattern to include sizing for adults. I was so excited that I think I cast on the very day it was released.


The zipper took a little trial and error. I wanted to sew it on my sewing machine so that I was confident it would have a nice tight stitch and hold. It took me 3 tries before getting it right — a few attempts when horribly wrong but nothing a seam ripper couldn’t fix.  Now that he’s worn it a few times there are a few places along the zipper I may hand stitch down, but now that I finally got it right with the sewing machine, I would definitely do it that way again in the future.

Pattern: R&R Hoodie by Tanis Lavallee
Yarn: Nice & Knit Worsted in ‘Dockside’

I’ve made my husband plenty of hats, but until now I hadn’t knit him any sweaters or garments and he liked to tease me about it every now and then. Not to worry — he’ll find some ammo for teasing somewhere else but I’m happy to finally say I’ve made him a sweater!




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