How Does the Lion Go?

A few times recently, I’ve confessed that I’m much more of a “toddler mom” than a “baby mom”. Don’t get me wrong, I love tiny baby snuggles and that fresh baby smell and the way a little baby curls it’s legs under creating the most perfect little diaper butt. But I find the toddler years just so much fun. Yup, they’re exhausting too, but I get such a thrill out of the interactions I get to have on a daily basis and how those are reciprocated by these mini humans.  I love getting to teach them new words, or games and then watching the light bulb go off when they finally get it. One of Emmett’s latest tricks we taught him is how to ROOOAAARRRR like a lion. He’s so proud of his roar (see below), so his best Aunt Betsy found the most adorable knit lion and quick whipped one up for his birthday present.  Next to his big sister Brooklyn, this is his new best friend.

7 Comments on “How Does the Lion Go?

  1. Emmett is beyond cute. Love these photos of him and his new lion. Betsy is so talented! And thank you for sharing the video of his roar.
    A D O R A B L E !!

  2. Oh, gosh, he is so, so cute! I’m with you on the toddler thing – they’re so fun. You reminded me that my kids’ “baby sign” for lion WAS a roar (so not a sign at all, hahaha!) Thanks for bringing back the fun memory along with your cute pictures!

  3. Aw, what a cutie! Love the little guy and the sweet lion. Now I want to knit one for my little one. I really thought that I was a toddler mom, not a baby mom — but now that my son is 2 and we have a new baby, I’m not so sure. My son seemed like a lot of work when he was a baby, but our second seems so easy in comparison to the our boy, who has so many ideas and opinions and loves to say “no” and ask “why?” I think enjoying these high-energy toddler days would be easier if our kiddos were spread out a big age-wise.

  4. oh my gosh, that is so freaking adorable!! Both the wee one and the lion. Perfect photos, as always.

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