Knitting Highlighter Tape

tape5I love all knitting gadgets.  I recently saw this amazing ‘Stitcher’s GPS’ from Yarnvalet, and had to scoop up a few and add them to my notion pouch.  Its removable, reusable highlighting strips.  Also included are gauge rulers and dots and checks to mark progress!  So cool!

I have to use highlighter tape for every pattern I knit, mostly, because I have a ton of projects going at the same time and I never remember where I left off!  A couple of my other favorites are the Scotch Expressions Washi tape and Highlighter Tape from Lee Products. I’m all for making my life easier!

4 Comments on “Knitting Highlighter Tape

  1. I love the highlighter tape for my piano students–it is so easy to mark a section that needs more work with it. I don’t know why I never thought to grab it from the piano to use on my patterns.

  2. I’ve not used highlighter tape. I have a notebook where I track my progress, but it may be handy to find my place on my print out, too.

  3. That’s awesome! I used pointed Post-its for my last Project. But these look just great. I haven’t seen these in Germany so far. But I’ll start looking more closely :-)

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