Little Boy Knits

I’ve been completely obsessed with knitting sweaters for my sweet little boy. I’m not sure if it’s because he wears them so well and looks insanely cute (yup, I’m biased) or if its because he’s about to turn 1 and I haven’t knit him one since before he was born. Or it could be that the weather has gotten so cold lately and I always find a little comfort knowing he’ll be nice and warm if he’s wrapped up in some wool. I guess it doesn’t really matter the reason, just that I’m getting them done and enjoying every stitch. A few of the fashions he’s been wearing lately are his  Cooldown Mini, and Braided Cable Cardigan and hopefully soon I’ll be done with his Wallaby!

Pattern: Cooldown Mini
Yarn: Nice & Knit DK in Anchor (body) and Cherrystone (Sleeves)

Pattern: Seamless Braided Cable Sweater
Yarn: Nice & Knit Worsted in Dockside

Pattern: Wonderful Wallaby
Yarn: Nice & Knit Worsted in Kelp

and dreams and plans of many many more sweaters. I’ll try to find the time, as soon as I’m done chasing him :)

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