New Year Knitting

702A5790Its so easy for me to start new projects and make great and lofty goals for the New Year.  Following through has always been a struggle so this year I just simply want to enjoy the process of knitting.  I’m skipping all of the demands of deadlines and urgency to have a specific number completed each month.

The moment I saw this Taimana Cowl by Francoise Danoy of Aroha Knits I knew I had to cast on that very day.  So I did.  The pattern is so well written, easy to follow and keeps me interested every row. (now that the stripes are done ;)


I am knitting with Nice & Knit Fingering in Dockside, Driftwood and Canal.  I kept the color choices pretty close to the original pattern which I rarely do.  I also thought that fingering on a size 4 needle would be slow going, but I’m totally enjoying the entire process!


5 Comments on “New Year Knitting

  1. What a stunning pattern, and so beautifully knit! I’m feeling inspired, can’t wait to finish my current project and get started!! Thanks for sharing the link, and good luck… I can’t wait to see it when you’re finished :)

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