Quick Knit: Worsted ‘Midge’

I’ve been working on Christmas shopping & knitting, thankfully, I am almost done with all of it.  Hopefully this will give me time to enjoy the Christmas season and of course, knit for myself. cowl

We’ve had some requests for easy knitting pattern ideas.  Our Midges Cowl is a beautiful gift and a quick knit.  The original pattern calls for our Sport weight yarn, but I decided to knit it up with one skein of Nice & Knit Worsted.  Using the same cast on number of stitches for the shorter cowl and a size 9 needle, the cowl is the perfect size!

Our kelp colorway is fantastic for the winter season and looks fabulous with plaids.  Quick, go cast on – you’ll be done in no time!

One Comment on “Quick Knit: Worsted ‘Midge’

  1. This is truly perfect! A beautiful cowl knit in one skein of yarn and a larger size needle. I need to get this on my needles ASAP. Well, as soon as my Ingy hat in kelp is an FO. Tomorrow…

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