Sweater Weather

I’m not too sure where September went, and I can hardly believe we’re well into October. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun – or when you have 2 little ones who keep you busy – but that can still be considered fun!

We’ve had a few days in the past month or two where the temperatures have dipped to where we need to pull out our hand knits and wear them. For now it’s still a novelty, when we hit January and February and all we have are those chilly days I might feel differently. For now, each time it’s cool enough to wear them, I get a little excited and usually a little hung up on which one to wear since I kind of want to wear them ALL! This one though, Cracked Pepper, by Alicia Plummer is one of the  most wearable ones – you can throw it on over just about anything and it looks great paired with jeans, leggings, a skirt, boots, flats pretty much anything!  I knit this up using our Nice & Knit DK in our ‘Jetty’ colorway. Ravelry Project

Another Favorite has been Tanis Lavallee’s R&R Hoodie.  I made this for each of the kids and it’s another knit that can be thrown on over just about anything. It’s super comfortable for them to still play and move and crawl all around and the hoodie is great since I haven’t knit either of them hats for this upcoming Fall/Winter it’s totally saving me right now. I will knit many, many more of these are they continue to grow. I love how everything about this pattern just makes sense — the seamless transition from the shoulders to the hood, the way the hood is constructed…it’s all just genius. I knit this one last year but never got pictures of it but the timing is right because the fit is perfect this year.  I knit one for Emmett while I was pregnant and his fits perfectly now too! Ravelry Project here & here



I have a bunch more projects to share as we prepare for the 2015 New England Fiber Festival on November 7 (9am-5pm) and November 8 9am – 3pm. This is a really great wool & fiber festival held at the Big E fairgrounds. We’ll have a double booth stuffed full of every Nice & Knit colorway in each of our 4 weights (fingering, sport, DK and worsted). We’ll have a ton of samples for you to see and maybe a surprise or two. And if that wasn’t enough to keep us insanely busy, we’ll be moving into our new studio next week. It’s a dream come true and we can’t wait to share it with you. It is the promise of a ton of new things to come!

5 Comments on “Sweater Weather

  1. hooray for new sweaters for everyone!! I love your Cracked pepper, and the R&R Hoodie has been in my queue, and I love the ones you’ve made- great colour choices!

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