Roger Bear

You’ve met our talented sister Betsy Jo Hany, she’s a photographer, knitter, and all around nice and knit super-fan.  Today we are excited to introduce her as a pattern designer of this sweet creation Roger Bear.


He’s sweet and cuddly and has the kindest little face.  He’s soft and squishy and makes the best baby softie.  Roger Bear is the perfect solution to the last minute realization that you need a gift for that baby shower, tomorrow.  Knit up in Nice & Knit’s softest Super wash Merino DK, this sweet plush toy is a fun, fast and easy knit.  The blankie is fully reversible, and ready for daily use.  Created for those sweet babies who toddle around with a favorite little lovey in their chubby hands, this little guy will be cherished for years to come.

Roger has a very best friend named Tillie, who wears a sweet little bow tucked next to her ear.  Directions for both bears are included in the pattern.

Roger & Tillie are available for purchase here.

Thank you Betsy for a beautiful, sweet pattern.

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