Hand-Knit Gift: Camilla Blanket

You’ve heard me mention the Camilla pullovers I’ve made for myself, a friend’s daughter, and just finished one for Brooklyn last week so you know I love the pattern. I fell even more in love with the motif it features when I was recipient of a Camilla Blanket for Emmett!  My mom made a beautiful version using Nice & Knit Worsted in our Anchor colorway which is a perfect match for his bedding set I bought. He is thoroughly enjoying being wrapped in this blanket to keep him warm on these cold and snowy February days. Once again, highly recommending this pattern!  I’ve been staying pretty busy but next on my list is to get a few pictures with him all cuddled into this blanket!



11 Comments on “Hand-Knit Gift: Camilla Blanket”

  1. Love this and would like to make…can you tell me how much yarn I would need to order and what size needles you used? Did you change the pattern in any way? Thanks so much!

    • I made this pattern with 4 skeins of the Nice and Knit worsted weight Anchor colorway yarn. I also went down to size 8 needles as I am not very adept at using the really large sizes. I was happy with the results!

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