Little Woolens Winter Hoodie

I’ve had quite a few projects flying off my needles lately.  I’m in my last week of pregnancy and the past few weeks I have been pretty lazy. I only wanted to sit and knit which was been great for my knit collection.

Today though, I am sharing a project I finished back around Thanksgiving time but it was a test knit so I really couldn’t share it with you then.  It was a lovely project to work on and one I’d highly recommend. The directions were very clear and well written. It has a lot going on but that doesn’t mean it’s hard. It actually helped to keep my interest with the pocket, the colorwork, the hood, etc!

The pattern was released this week so head on over to Ravelry and download it! It’s the Little Woolens Winter Hoodie by Annie Rowden.

Now, I just wish I had a darling little model to wear this on…soon enough!

6 Comments on “Little Woolens Winter Hoodie

  1. ooh, that is so beautiful!! I hope that the last little bit of pregnancy goes smoothly, and soon you’ll have your little bundle of joy!

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