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Winter Bundle Up Knit-Along!

kelp mittens-2

Photo & expert knitting by Betsyjo

As we announced Friday, we will begin our knit-along!  Hats or mittens its up to you!

You can join us a few different ways

  1. Our Ravelry Forum
  2. Instagram – tag us with @niceandknit or #niceandknit or #nkkal (or all 3)
  3. Facebook – share your progress on our page or using the hashtag #nkkal

Betsyjo’s Two Needle Cable Mittens by Patons are so amazing and just the perfect project for this knit along!


Knit in DK Kelp colorway

My boys are off school again so the agenda of uninterrupted knitting has been cancelled.  I hope you can cast on and start sharing your progress!  We will be handing out prizes and perks – stay tuned!

7 Comments on “Join Us!

  1. I feel your pain with having the kids home. Hubby (a teacher) and my oldest had Monday and Friday off last week for -30 windchills last week–after 16 days off from school for Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but having them home so much when they normally aren’t is a lot more work (more dishes, lunch prep, no routine…) and a lot less knitting time!

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