Nice & Knit Along: Hats and/or Mittens

Incase you missed it, yesterday we announced we are going to host a Nice & Knitalong starting next week and running through February 28th!  We’d love for you to join us in knitting either a hat, or mittens or both!  This week has been verrry chilly, topped off with a small snowstorm today so it’s gotten us in the mood to bundle up with some new hand knits. You can join us a few different ways

  1. Our Ravelry Forum
  2. Instagram – tag us with @niceandknit or #niceandknit or #nkkal (or all 3)
  3. Facebook – share your progress on our page or using the hashtag #nkkal

Need some project ideas or inspiration, we always have more than enough to go around and more than we could ever knit. Here are a few pretty awesome projects that caught our eye! I mixed it up between free and paid patterns and easy & difficult patterns so hopefully there’s a little something for everyone!



Patterns available on Ravelry (from left to right, top to bottom):
1. Mittens with Leaves
2. Green Autumn (Druid Mittens)
3. Warmest Mittens
4. Snowfling Mitts
5. Grammy’s Mitts
6. Fiddlehead Mittens
7. Woodruff Mittens
8. Cabley Mitties
9. Adiri Mittens
10. Cloisonée
11. Seed Stitch Mittens
12. Scarlet Oak Mittens
13.  Hickory Mittens


Hat patterns available on Ravelry (from left to right, top to bottom):

1. Greystone
2. Beeswax Hat
3. Basic Norwegian Star Hat
4. Crossroads Hat
5. Schwimmen
6. Mrs. Jekyll & Little Hyde
7. Amaryllis
8. Coldsnap
9. Northport
10. Fairy Snowcap
11. Lutz Jump
12. Renfrew
13. One Bourbun, One Scotch, and One Beer

And speaking of hats, we’ve finally picked out winner for our Nice & Knit Beanie kit Facebook drawing. Head on over there to see if you won!

Can’t wait to see some new projects on your needles!

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