Think Before You Frog

Or maybe I should Title this:

Make Some Lemonade From Those Lemons!

About 10 months ago, I started a project for a friend of mine who was pregnant. This was intended to be a snuggle sack, but progress on the project was slow and at some point I discovered I had made a mistake. Now I don’t even remember what the mistake was! I think I increased too many times, or too far apart so in order to fix it, I would have had to rip back really far. Instead of doing that, I considered this a “frogged” project without the whole ripping out part and let it sit on a shelf in a bag since then.

I’m not quite sure when but at some point over the past week I had the idea of turning this old, unwanted project into a new and desirable FO. After a few minutes of trying to think how I could turn it into something useful, I had the idea of seaming the unfinished ends, turning it upside down, and adding a drawstring to make it into a little project bag.  So I used the kitchener stitch method and seamed the live stitches together

Once I got that done and added the draw string, it was feeling just a little bit boring, so I thought it would be super cute to embroider something on the front. I actually haven’t ever embroidered on knitting before. I guess I just never had the project for it, but let me tell you — this won’t be the last time. It was SO fun and I love the end result.

I chose an anchor to embroider and I used this free chart available on Ravelry and this really quick YouTube video were all I needed.  Oh yeah, and a little bit of yarn. I used some left over Nice & Knit Worsted in the Anchor colorway.  The original pattern was knit in Nice & Knit DK in Driftwood.

I keep calling this a project bag, but I can think of about 10 different uses that I think would all be pretty great but the important lesson here — think twice before you rip out your stitches. Maybe there’s an unintended project you can get out of a frogged project.

3 Comments on “Think Before You Frog”

  1. That is a super-cute bag, and a very impressively turned-around ‘failed’ knitting project! It is definitely all too easy to frog the entire item (wasting all that knitting time that you put in), rather than taking a minute to think of an alternative use. I will definitely keep your bag in mind next time a knitting project doesn’t appear to be going to plan!

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