Guest Blog: A few of our favorite knitters – Featuring BetsyJo and Her Daughter Nora

bHi! I’m Betsy, Katie & Kara’s sister, and also one of their biggest fans. I’m wife to Paul and Mom to three pretty awesome kids. By day I’m a Cardiac nurse, by night, I knit. Constantly. I couldn’t be more excited to have an unending supply of amazing yarn from these two sisters of mine, and I love getting to test-knit for them when the opportunity comes up.

Just three years ago I was a non-knitter, a skeptic who would watch as my sisters quickly cranked out all sorts of lovely projects. I liked to tease them and act as if I had no time to pick up that kind of trivial hobby. I wasn’t all that interested until one snowy evening in Vermont, when boredom set in with a vengeance. We were on a Ryan family vacation; the kids were enjoying the indoor pool, and my sisters were knitting away, chattering away about their next pattern, with a plan visit to a LYS the next day. And I? I was sitting there, bored as could be, completely bewildered at their knitting jargon. LYS? What’s that?? I turned to my sister Colleen and asked her to teach me, right then and there. I haven’t been the same since. Now, I have to knit every day, even if it’s just a little bit, a few rows to both relax and make me feel productive.

Like my sisters, I had to share my hobby with someone I loved. So when my daughter Nora took an interest, I was thrilled. She’s a speedy little knitter, and recently came with me to the New England Fiber Festival to pick out a Nice and Knit Beanie Kit. She came away with Worsted Harpoon and a spiffy Vineyard pompom to match. The pattern was just right for her, simple and clear, with quick results for an 11-year-old attention span. Plus, it’s just stinking cute.

She has plans to knit up another one as a Christmas gift for her Dad, shown here in the Nutmeg color way she chose for him. (Shhhh, it’s a surprise.)


Here’s a link to get your own skein of Nice and Knit Worsted, and download the pattern for free! Either make one for someone you love to keep them toasty this winter, or give it to your favorite knitter. They’ll thank ya’ for it, that’s for sure.

Editor’s Note:  What Betsy didn’t mention is that she’s a really awesome photographer and some of the photos you see here on Nice & Knit are courtesy of her amazing skills. Hop on over to her blog to check it out! but carve out a little time because her talent not just for photography but her gift of words will totally suck you in.

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