Mini Man Sweater

We’re so thrilled that Baby Stanley #2 is a boy! Of course the day we found out, I made of long list of little knits I needed to make and cast on that very day.  I’m happy to report I’ve crossed a few off the list:


I’ve gotten a little sidetracked with some other projects lately, in preparation for the New England Fiber Festival so my list might look this way for a little while so it’s good thing I have a few more months before he’s here!

Today we’ll look at the Seamless Braid Cardigan.

It was a wonderful little pattern that is extremely easy to understand and didn’t require any seaming, except I hate knitting sleeves on double pointed needles so I knit them flat and seamed them anyway. I am so so happy with the result, I’m ready to call this one my most favorite knit ;)  See, I told you I say that about every newly finished project.  I still have to buy buttons and sew them on and I’m considering knitting little elbow patches for it too.


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7 Comments on “Mini Man Sweater

  1. Isn’t so much fun?! Its a good thing we have 9 months so we can have time to knit all those adorable items! We cant wait to find out and even though we dont know what it is yet I’ve already made a list of cute little just in case boy knits!

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