When Things Change.

They say that change is a good thing, but after this week, I beg to differ.  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I apologize that Katie and I have been pretty quiet here. Earlier this week we said ‘Goodbye’ to our dearest Grandma Midge. She blessed us with so many gifts of love that we’re lucky enough to look back and reflect on her long life of 92 years, and smile for multitude of memories. She was a beautiful lady and we were so fortunate to call her ‘ours’! Grandma Midge was a big part in teaching us both how to knit so hopefully we can keep her spirit alive in our projects. She would be so proud. We will really, really miss her.

While the past few weeks have been a whirlwind, there were some moments of quiet either sitting by her bedside or the sleepless nights that allowed for a bit of knitting time so fortunately some project progress was made. I have a few finished objects to share over the next week or so. First up is the Rosebud hat which is a pattern from Brooklyn Tweed. It’s a lovely pattern, very well explained with a easy to follow chart.  I knit the slouchy version in one of our new fall colorways called ‘urchin’.  I love the result, it’s going to be a great hat to slip on when the snow starts to fall. And, of course, I really love this color.  It’s a nice rust color that I think pairs really nicely with a light pink.



Ya know that new website we promised for our yarn shop? It had been put on hold since life seemed to be moving a bit to fast in other ways but I’m happy to say it should be up and running by the end of the day….so maybe they’re right, some change can be a good thing! Another post as soon as it’s ready!

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