Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: DIY Mirror Update

I have been a working mom for the past 8-ish years.  Recently I made the decision to quit my design job and stay at home.  I have so much more time for the things I have dreamed of doing in my “spare time”.  I still have my husbands business to keep me busy and our beloved yarn business.  The boys have been in school for two days and I am really enjoying the time I could never find previously.

I recently purchased some Annie Sloan Chalk paint at Grace, a beautiful little shop in Niantic CT.  I bought two colors, French Linen and Aubusson Blue.   The gray is for my bedroom furniture that I would like to paint (soon) and the blue for a buffet table.  I had a brain storm this morning because I needed to try it out immediately and painted  the mirror on my mantle.  I’ve had this mirror for about 10 years and I think it was a bit dark and blended right in with the brick.  The mirror was painted before 8:30 am and dry enough to put back up within a couple hours.  A quick and easy DIY. 


I love how there is no priming needed with chalk paint.  Just go go!  Annie Sloan also makes a wax preservative in color or clear coat.  I chose not to use this for the mirror and let the original finish shine through with light sanding.  When I begin the furniture I plan on using the clear wax for a finish.







Once the paint dries it has a chalky flat finish that is soft and beautiful.  anniesloan5




13 Comments on “Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: DIY Mirror Update

  1. This looks SO GREAT! Love the color choice! Now I’m sitting here thinking of all the things in my house I could paint :)

  2. LOVE IT!! I’m making a DIY chalk paint I found online for a bedside table ~ hope it comes out as nice. Thanks for the blog post!

  3. I think we need to head back to Nianitc! I’ve been thinking for quite a while that my mirror over my mantle blends in with the field stone!!

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