Just Keep Castin’ On

I have a lot (too many) projects on the needles right now. My problem is that not one of them was holding my attention long enough to make any real progress. I kept knitting a few rows of one and then casting on another project and so the number of projects keeps growing and without any FO’s happening!



But it’s looking like the 6th one is the charm because Friday I cast on for Maja – Kiito in our Nice & Knit DK Starboard & Wellfleet colors and I’m totally in love and have made great progress since. It’s officially my project for our Summer Sweaters Nice & Knit Along! #NKKAL

Also on the needles that is getting a fair amount of attention is L’Enveloppe. I cast this on during the shop hop when I got to see it in person — it looked great on anyone who tried it on. I am excited to finish this for Fall.






7 Comments on “Just Keep Castin’ On

  1. I have 5 wip’s few days ago, thank God i have finished one of them. Now i have 4, but i think i will add 1 crochet project on my wip’s hahaha. It is like a neverending wip’s

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