My Target

I have such a hard time leaving Target without overloading my cart.  This weekend we rearranged the boys rooms and moved our office from an upstairs spare bedroom to the first floor.  It was a huge undertaking and I am going to spare you the before and during photos.  (mostly because I forgot to take any)


I’ve been eyeing some bedding in Garnet Hill for the boys rooms.   As I added each sheet set and blanket to the cart the price was skyrocketing.  I took a quick trip to Target and an hour later I had a cart and a half full of goodies.  I couldn’t wait to rush back home and make up their beds.  I took some quick iphone photos, to give you the quick idea.  Their rooms still need some decor – which is a topic of contention.  They want sports posters…I’m trying to find a way to hide them.  They didn’t go for hanging them in the closet.



The best buy at Target was a twin sheet set for $5.49!  I used the flat and fitted sheet on each bed to cover the box spring and compliment the gold of the bed spread.  

The sheets came in this bonus drawstring bag….just what I needed another knitting project bag!  Bonus!  My Summer Sweater knit along project is now tucked away safely.  Target saved me so much money – just what I tell Kev :)






6 Comments on “My Target

  1. The boys want sports posters? How about putting them on the ceiling? We put all kinds of stuff on the ceiling when I taught 8th grade and eyes were always up–very good for the posture! They will fall asleep dreaming of being superstars. Then you might incorporate a few sports items of their choice, like signed baseballs or a special trophy on narrow wall shelves and storing the rest. Then they might like rotating items on the shelves to keep the clutter at a low roar. Their room looks super!

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