SSKAL Inspiration

I’ve been searching Ravelry for just the right pattern to pick for our Summer Sweaters Knit Along.  I haven’t officially selected my choice yet, but thought I would share the contenders and in Nice & Knit Colorway I’m considering!  Don’t forget to sign up in the Ravelry Forum.  As you can see, we have a pretty loose definition of “sweater” so pick out just about any tee or top you like and we’ll call it a sweater!

Crown Tee: Color Idea: Cape Cod

Driftwood:  Color idea: Driftwood (duh)

Grace Kelly Lace Sleeve Pullover:  Color Idea: Wellfleet

Togue Pond: Color Idea: Barnacle

Whispers:  Color idea: Harpoon


Sherry: Color Idea: Cape Cod

Condo Sweater: Color Idea: Seagrass

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