Perfect Pink Giveaway

This week is half over, lets celebrate.  Kara and I dyed this perfect pink a few weeks back.  Although it’s just right, we are not going to repeat this color way since it is so close to our Peony and Brooklyn colors.

We want one of you to have it, knit something great and share some photos with us when you have completed your project.  What do you want to knit with our Nice & Knit Perfect Pink DK weight yarn?  We are giving away three full skeins, so dream away.  Leave a comment to enter – it’s that easy!



99 Comments on “Perfect Pink Giveaway

  1. This would be so perfect for the hat and scarf I need to do for my friend’s 5-yr-old. She’s outgrown the set I made a few years ago.

  2. This yarn is gorgeous!!! If I won one of the skeins, I would make a lace, gaiter cowl and I would embellish it with knitted flowers. The color of this skein reminds me of a cherry blossom, and my cowl would serve as a reminder of spring all year long. <3

  3. The color is gorgeous and would do a beautiful shawl that would enhance the yarn or a baby sweater for a baby girl.

  4. This is such a lovely feminine color – my son and daughter-in-law are expecting a grandchild and I would use this as a sweet newborn cardigan regardless of gender – pink happens to be my son’s favorite color so no color gender stereotypes in our household! Thank you for giving away such a generous prize.

  5. I would knit a beautiful cowl for my friend who just graduated from college. She loves pink, and I feel like she needs a little bit of knitted armor as she makes her way in the world!

  6. I would use the yarn to knit a sweater or jumper for friends who are having a baby girl later this month. Knitting for babies is always fun!

  7. Wow, that pink is lovely!! I think I would make a cowl, probably with grey stripes (or lime green ones if I’m feeling really crazy!!) :)

  8. My partner’s brother and his wife are having a baby boy in a few weeks – I’ve already made a jumper for the new baby, but I’d love to make a dress for his older sister who’s 2, so she doesn’t feel left out! A dress in this pink would be gorgeous, with a little lace hem and cap sleeves :)

  9. This is such a gorgeous colour! If I was feeling selfish I’d make myself a hat and mittens to brighten up my next winter but I would probably use it to make a lovely matching set for a baby girl with booties gloves and a wee cardi.

  10. I look at them and find my self thinking about shawls along the line of boneyard by Stephen West ,the age of brass and steam,lala’ s simple shawl,little house on the prairie shawl or a simple textured shawl recipe—all simple designs meant to show off gorgeous yarns in luscious colors!

  11. I knit a sweater for my niece that just BARELY fit her. Guess I need to knit her another BIGGER one before fall! She’d LOVE that color!!! (Me, too.)

  12. I would pair it with another color like navy or grey and make a cool and edgy jumper for my fashionable teenage daughter.

  13. I’m such a beginner, I would probably try a simple baby blanket. I would likely drive you crazy with the need to be tutored, but it would be fun!

  14. I know a baby girl with two older brothers and one older sister, so she will be living on hand me downs for a long time. I think a blanket that is just her own would be perfect!

  15. I won last time, so I’m not entering today. Just wanted to say that Nice and Knit yarn is wonderful. I have almost completed my project and will post pics soon. Thanks again for your knitting inspiration as well as last week’s gardening inspiration.

  16. Definitely an Ingot by Lisa Mutch. But… If I could get my hands on a CC color I’d probably make a Backshore (it’s a striped sweater) in this lovely pink!

  17. I knitted a shawl for my niece’s graduation present (she chose a college up north). I would love the opportunity to win this giveaway so I can knit another one for a good friend of mine. Last month she hosted a Best for Babes Miracle Milk Mother’s Day Stroll, and the pink is perfect for it! It would be her perfect accessory the next stroll!

  18. Being the only female in the household, I would use it for something for me, certainly, a sleeveless vest perhaps. Thanks for such a generous giveaway, it is adorable!

  19. I would love to knit myself a sweater for myself in this color, maybe with charcoal or dark purple stripes! Thank you for the giveaway :)

  20. I love this color!! I purchased dk in driftwood and barnacle to make the maritime cowl but now think I would knit it using the perfect pink and driftwood combo.

  21. Either a baby cardigan or a something for me like a comfy acarf/wrap to counteract all that dark navy at work … The color is stunning; I wish you’d add it to your line 💗

  22. Ooohh. I’m thinking a lovely shawl that someone asked me to test the other day! thank you for the giveaway!

  23. My name is Theresa and I live in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. I have a very busy daughter, with 2 children. Her “over the moon color” is PINK. I would love to win these skeins and knit her one of the summer sweaters you have been featuring on you r blog. Thanks for the Chance to win.

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