Dinner Party

We had a dinner party a few weeks ago.  I wanted to hang some flower arrangements from our basement ceiling (which is black) to add some charm to the decor.  I was not sure how to hang a flower arrangement without water issues ( leaking foam on peoples plates etc ) Instead I  thought of taking hanging flowering baskets and wrapping the plastic containers with gray fabric.  The flowers last all summer this way and can be enjoyed for months to come.


The flowers last all summer this way and can be enjoyed for months to come.


We would love to do a summer knit-along with all of you and will be announcing our kickoff soon!  Any ideas on what you would like to knit?



7 Comments on “Dinner Party

  1. I vote for a sock KAL. While it seems practical to start stockpiling the warm things for winter, socks are the easiest things for me to grab and take camping, to the beach, on road trips to visit relations….and I’ve stockpiled a great deal of beautiful sock yarn that needs to be knit. ;-) Any my little guy still needs his argyle sweater vest and Daddy’s needs to be written into a pattern, but alas. We moved to a new town a month ago and now that that stress is behind us, let the real fun of crafting commence!

  2. Would love another KAL. I am partial to sweaters but open to try something else! Plus your tables looked wonderful and the flowers were a hit!

  3. I would love to do a “Home Decor” Knitalong- so it could be pillows or blankets or knitted baskets, etc.– all kinds of DIY decorations. But any Nice and Knitalong will be fun so I’m definitely in! :)

  4. I’m up for a knit along too. anything to get me back on track. I”ve been knitting a hoodie for Joelle but can’t seem to pick it up and get myself back into knitting it.
    I was looking at some cute sleeveless shirts and short sleeve knit tops this morning. But those other ideas so good too :)

  5. The dinner party arrangements look certainly very smart! I would love a KAL, almost anything, really, but a summer tee would be especially lovely.

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