Garden Tour 2

Katie posted her garden last week so I thought I’d share mine too. This year we’ve put countless hours (and dollars) into making them happen. But they make me verrrryyy happy and have made for a great family project for us to work on together.  The backyard still needs quite a bit of work, but we’ll get to it when we have time. For now here’s a tour of my front yard & new raised garden beds!


And my little garden “helper” who absolutely loves to dig in the dirt, play with worms, and make mud pies. Definitely takes after her mama!


My other helper, my husband, helped me make some pretty sweet raised garden beds. For some reason, in my mind,  having the garden beds raised is going to make weeding and maintaining them easier….we’ll see!  But it was a really inexpensive option and I found this great tutorial on pinterest which I highly recommend. It took us awhile to complete them but not too difficult!  We’re growing tomatoes, onions, peppers (sweet and spicy) brussels sprouts, green beans, fennel, yellow squash, zucchini, and rhubarb! Everything is growing nicely and so far – no weeds. I’m totally going to stay on top of them this year!

I wanna take a quick vote though: Tomato Stakes or Tomato cages? I’ve done both and I’m not sure which is better. Any great tips you want to share? All I know is that I don’t want the tomatoes going sideways on me!

And then, what little I do have in our back yard, are in planters rather than the ground but I do love to grow fresh herbs so I have a row of potted herbs sitting on the patio wall.  We have rosemary, thyme, mint, parsley, dill and basil!

While I’m not gardening, I’m still making time for knitting!  I have 3 projects on the needles and about 3 more I want to and plan to cast on.  It’s very motivating to get some finished objects to share!

First, I’m working on the Purl Soho Golf Club Covers for Matt for Father’s Day. I plan to make all 3 sizes, but ribbing on double pointed needles has to be one of my least favorite things.  Next one I make I am going to add 1 stitch and knit the ribbing flat and them seam it before knitting the head on double pointed needles. I think it’ll go much faster and be much more enjoyable for me to knit.

I also cast on a quick cardi called Mousaillon. If you plan on knitting this, read the comments from other finished objects. I found the directions to be poorly worded, and well — kind of wrong in my opinion but I love how it’s turning out and it IS a very easy pattern if you can figure out what the directions are trying to say. I think I’ll have this one done very quickly.  Nice & Knit Worsted and garter stitch are meant to be together. I’m in love.

5 Comments on “Garden Tour 2

  1. Just lovely! The raised beds are a great idea, and I love you hanging baskets (I see some fuschias — a favorite around here).

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