This Morning.

The sun is shining and that makes everything seem just right with the World,  especially when walking among the beautiful flowers and dewy grass.  My day always goes better when I take a minute to go outside and breathe it all in.  Kevin and I finished planting this weekend, now the weeding begins!  Stroll through my gardens with me!



I have never planted red flowers in my front yard, and I even almost regretted it.  But now I am in love. I wanted something different this year with a Cape Cod feel.  In the backyard I reverted to my bright pinks and I am equally as happy with that.











I’m also making good progress on my Bias Blanket – Pattern by Purl Soho   Knit in Nice and Knit DK on size 7 needles.  

The pattern is just right for this time of year.  I’ve been knitting at the dentist and in the car while waiting for my boys at baseball.  A take everywhere knit.



Harpoon, Cape Cod, and Seagrass


7 Comments on “This Morning.

  1. Beautiful garden and the sweater looks like it is going to be also love the color combo’s. I take one of my wip with almost everywhere too and since physically I can’t drive it helps to keep me busy as a passenger, too! Enjoy your beautiful.

  2. Wow. Great garden photos–thanks for sharing. I just planted my seeds this morning. Memorial Day weekend (which fell early this year) is the standard “safe” date for planting here in the Upper Peninsula. Looking forward to the hope of tasty, sun-warmed veggies that springs up with the little sprouts. Until then, I have a second sock to finish before the weeds grow up and need attention, haha.

  3. Thanks for sharing your beautiful gardens!! I’ve found that weeding is like laundry- NEVER FINISHED, you think you’re done and there’s always more the next day :) The blanket is looking beautiful too, love the colors!

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  5. your flowers look so amazing, and the red ones look great with the blue door. And the blanket is looking great so far!

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