Nice & Knit Giveaway!

It’s sunny and beautiful the birds are chirping.  This makes us so happy,

its giveaway time!

Two luscious skeins of Nice & Knit DK in Nantucket



Just leave us a comment with what you would like to knit with these beautiful skeins and you will be entered to win!  So easy, so pretty.


We will pick a random winner next Tuesday!

121 Comments on “Nice & Knit Giveaway!

  1. I think they would make an amazing big smooshy cowl for these weeks of transitional weather. They look so soft, and the grey is classic and would go with anything.

  2. I would knit a “lacy” scarf. Not certain of the pattern just yet but think that yarn’s color and weight would be excellent for one of the lacy scarf patterns I’ve been eyeing up!

  3. I would knit a lacy scarf as I think the color and weight of the yarn would be excellent for that. Not sure of the exact pattern I would choose just yet but I have several in mind!

  4. I would absolutely make a gorgeous baby sweater with this beautiful yarn. Looks so yummy and I’m sure it would be something that would be passed down from genration to generation. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  5. First of all I would like to just hug it because it looks like it would feel so nice. Anyway – I think a cute baby boy sweater would be great – or maybe a baby girl sweater with accents of pink.

  6. Oooh it’s beautiful!! I would love to make matching knit dresses for my 5mo old and my sisters baby girl…she’s adopting a sweet baby girl due in August!!! Or a cowl for me?! The possibilities are endless! :)

  7. I wear cowls and hats all the time, so I think it would definitely become a set of those. Something so luxurious and beautiful, it would definitely be my favorite!

  8. I’m thinking it would make an awesome baby blanket! Sharon tells me she’s going to win, but I may as well at least try!! Hopefully prove her wrong!😉

  9. I am dying to knit the Bloomsbury sweater. I’d have to add a few skeins, but your yarns are beautiful!!!

  10. I would make myself a shawl. Time for something on the needles to end up on my back rather than someone else’s! Beautiful color

  11. That colorway is so gorgeous! I would love to knit a cowl or scarf with your beautiful yarn. Definitely something soft and cozy to wrap around my neck!.. Thank you for this giveaway!

  12. I adore your colorways! I can envision a short-sleeve summer sweater or a summer shawl. Thanks for hosting the giveaway and inspiring us to keep knitting!

  13. Oh! I wanna pet it! It looks so soft and warm. I was thinking of a nice lacey cardigan. Perfect for sips of morning coffee and evening tea on the back deck.

  14. I’d knit anything that wasn’t a winter hat, mittens or thick boot socks. I am SO over this winter, though in some places the melting snow is still over 3 feet deep! RavID: NMUJillybean

  15. I live in Ireland and for years have dreamed of a long glorious holiday on Nantucket Island. If I won your lovely yarn I would knit a shrug to wear on summer evenings to keep me warm and my dream alive. Eileen

  16. So lovely! Definitely the togetherness cowl by Mary Keenan,possibly her shelter valley cowl too. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  17. Beautiful yarn! I’d make a baby jumper for my friend, who’s expecting a boy in a few months. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  18. Beautiful yarn! I loved knitting my sweater in the Anchor colorway. I would make a sweater for my little Si guy with this lovely Nantucket!

  19. What lovely yarn! I’m learning to do lace knitting now and would love to make a lacy shawl with this yarn. How nice of you to do this give-away!

  20. I would love to make anything for my self. Perhaps a shawl. But that color would be great in my house as a pillow or two.

  21. I absolutely love this color way and think it would make a gorgeous Effortless Cardigan (by Hannah Fetig) – though it means I’d need to buy more of the yarn (oh darn, LOL).

  22. I would love to make a bolero for Spring/Summer to throw on when it gets chilly in the evening and you want to enjoy the outside for a little longer.

  23. I would love to knit up a beautiful hat or pair of fingerless mittens for work. Some coconut buttons I have living in my apartment would look great with the color!

  24. I grew up in MA. The color reminds me of the days, my dad and I would pick sea glass from among the rocks on the beach in Cohaset. He suffered severely with Poison Ivy, even in the winter, and I would climb the rocks ans watch him let the ocean waves wash over his arms. The color reminds me of this and so many other memories.
    I live in Southern AZ now, a nice cable shawl, in memory.

  25. Hello! I would knit the Lola shawl by Carrie Bostick Hoge. That color gray is the most exquisite I have ever seen.

  26. I think I’d try making a hat out of this yarn, I love all the different shades in that yarn. I was going to mention all the shades of grey, but decided it’d probably be best to steer clear of that comment, haha.

  27. Wow, that’s hard. Since I have never knit with this yarn it’s hard to pick what I would knit. But if I went by the picture (which is absolutely beautiful), I would definitely make a sweater for my 4 month old Grandson. Or maybe a Guernsey Scarf (the patterns would turn out lovely) or maybe a nice pair of socks for winter or hand warmers or …….

  28. This Nantucket color will be perfect for a baby blanket when combined the Lobster pot color. It will be harmonious but not boring.

  29. I just started knitting 2 weeks ago. That’s my colour for knitting a cowl, with pom pom. I don’t know why, but that’s what I’m thinking if I knit a cowl, I would love to have pom pom attached to it.

  30. What a perfect grey – I would knit it up right away – New shawl pattern “Saranca” from Through the Loop would be lovely!

  31. How exciting! I would knit a little vest for my 18m boy! Maybe with an intarsia L in the middle (for Landon) in a fun contrast color like orange or teal…pick me! :)

  32. I would knit a little vest for my baby! Maybe with an intarsia “L” for Landon, in a fun pop of color like orange or yellow. How fun! Thanks for the giveaway, and pick me!! ;)
    Ps, i tried to post this earlier and it didnt look like it worked, so forgive me if this is a duplicate!

  33. A lacy cowl. Hoping to see (and saving up to buy) some of your yarn when we visit your area this summer.

  34. Just saw the give away, hope I’m not too late! The marbling effect of the yarn is amazing, I’d probably make mitts just so I could always see them :0) We still need mittens here!

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