Sewing Seams

I began this little beauty this fall and whipped through the knit at breakneck speeds…and then I came to a screeching halt when I had to seam the sleeves.  Seriously!  Its completely  done but two sleeve seams, it will probably take me a total of one hour max.   Another lesson learned.  Knit the sleeves in the round as the pattern is written.  I thought the sleeves would be so much faster if I knit flat.  Wrong again.

Golden Wheat Cardigan Knit in String Theory Aran


I’m in love with these little wooden pins that are not only pretty, but an awesome tool for seams.


Hopefully, hopefully posting this will motivate me to finish this up tonight or tomorrow or at least by the weekend!


11 Comments on “Sewing Seams

  1. Katie!!! It’s beautiful. Hurry up and finish that thing… :)
    –Where did you get those wooden pins? ‘Would be perfect for what I am making right now.

  2. that is a beautiful sweater! I’d have done the seams, but left all of the weaving in, I usually have piles of “finished” objects sitting around waiting for that last bit of attention to be truly finished and useful!

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