Color Profile: Nutmeg

CT_outlineThere are a few exceptions to our nautically-themed names for our yarns, but they all have some sort of significant meaning to us. One of those colors is ‘Nutmeg’.  We live in Connecticut, The Nutmeg State, where we’ve lived our whole lives. When Katie’s husband, Kevin, saw this color come out of the dye bath he named it right away. It was the perfect name, and we thought fit this color perfectly.


We have a few projects in the works in this color and I am so thrilled with how it looks knitted.  The first is a project my sister Colleen is working on called the Twisted Willow Cowl a free pattern on Ravelry. Photos also courtesy of Colleen – Thanks Coll!


IMG_2929(1) IMG_2924

And last week I shared with you my Mystic Comfort still in progress!


All 3 weights of Nutmeg are presented in this post, too! The very top photo is our Nice & Knit Fingering weight, Colleen’s project is done in Nice & Knit Worsted, and my Mystic Comfort pillow is being worked in Nice & Knit DK!

4 Comments on “Color Profile: Nutmeg

  1. Right up my alley. I love the color and it just so happens I grew up in Connecticut and my mother still lives in Mystic. A coincidence?

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