Staying Warm

Mark Twain once said “If you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.”  It wasn’t long ago I mentioned we didn’t have much snow on the ground, but today we have an abundance (a few feet) and more on its way today. I know there are those who have had more than enough snow, but I still enjoy a good snow storm.  This past weekend, we had a storm that lasted all day Saturday. It was the kind of storm I just love because it wasn’t too cold to not go out and enjoy it, so all three of us got some good use out of our hand knit hats!


I’m wearing the Contemporary Hat. Matthew is wearing the Botanic Hat and Brooklyn is wearing a hat from a pattern I created and hope to publish soon!


Since Saturday I knit another new hat for myself, that I’ll be sharing it soon. That’s a another good thing about snowstorms — it creates a lot of quality knitting time!

6 Comments on “Staying Warm

  1. I’m in New England as well, but where we are we have an abundance of snow (and considering my employer relies on it right now, I try not to grumble too loudly).

    I love the picture. The hats are wonderful!

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