Botanic Hat Complete

I hit a small slump once my Christmas knitting was done. The only projects on my needles were stale projects that I wasn’t overly motivated to finish. That was until last week, and then in the past week I have cast on for 4 new projects. I’m really excited to work on each of them. The slump is over and I am having trouble putting my knitting down. I am working on one piece for me, two for Brooklyn, and the last one is a house warming gift. I have a few more projects I’m dying to cast on but won’t let myself!

A few weeks back I shared my Botanic Hat for Matt in progress. Since I finally finished the hat, we’ve had no snow (figures). My male model wasn’t really cooperating so pictures are limited.


192A2358 192A2374



The only adjustment I made to the pattern was to make the hat a little longer than recommended since my husband has a large noggin. Ravelry project here.

12 Comments on “Botanic Hat Complete

  1. Very nice !! You did a great job !! And it’s like I recognize my boyfriend, he doesn’t like to be photographed either. 😅😅😅


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