Knitting Bag

I recently posted this picture on instagram. It’s the current state of my knitting bag

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 5.21.00 PM

Turns out if you let your toddler play with your knitting, it’s likely to turn into a tangled mess, but it left me thinking that I hadn’t shared my newest knitting bag with you and it’s a good one, so I want to pass it along.


I found the bag at the lovely Erin Lane booth located at Stitches East. I hemmed and hawed over which bag to get but ultimately I’m so happy with my choice. I purchased the Bucket bag which is small but mighty. Due to the square base, this little bag can hold A LOT of stuff. I love it.


192A1365 192A1367

She has a lot of cool fabrics to chose from and of course other knitting accessory holders like needle holders and project bags.

Other great options for knitting bags we recommend you can check out come from Sewamelie you can see Katie’s Sewamelie bag here.

This all got me thinking about the random stuff we shove into our knitting bags. Right now, what’s the most random thing sitting in your bag? I thought it’d be a fun game to leave us a comment or share a picture on instagram or twitter with the #inmyknittingbag hashtag telling us the most random thing in your knitting bag!  I wish mine was more exciting but the two most random things in my knitting bag are a single dollar bill and a flesh colored color pencil. #notthatexciting should be my hashtag!

12 Comments on “Knitting Bag

  1. No real way to share a photo today, but I have a Halloween house cookie cutter in my bag (well, I did, right until I looked to see and actually put it away, haha). It was returned to me while I was somewhere else and only had my knitting bag with me.

  2. Earbuds, and an envelope with a bank deposit in it. :)
    But – your tangled mess looks pretty much like what happens if I forget to put my knitting bag up and our cat decides to poke around in there…

  3. I don’t have a knitting bag (yet) but my yarn basket has a random AA battery and a CF card in it. I was wondering where the CF card went, so thanks! ;)

  4. I’m going to join the twitter group because words do not do justice to my random item. LOL! Love knitting bags!!! Don’t need another, but always looking for another.

  5. I have more of a knitting box – a little suitcase/ picnic box I found at the thrift store. I love it, but I also love your knitting bag! The square bottom is such a great idea.
    Usually, my suitcase is crammed full of all kinds of oddities. Right now, the thing that stands out is a bag of homemade toffee, and about six sharpie markers.
    Hey, its good to be prepared. :)

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