I Couldn’t Wait

Brooklyn and I just had a mini photoshoot before I put this hat into the mail for a random Christmas Gift for a little cutie patootie.  I could not wait to share them with you so immediately following taking the pictures I plugged the camera into the computer to share! I love this girl. I love that she lets me take her picture. I love that she doesn’t immediately yank the hat off her head (20 minutes later and she’s still crawling around the house with it on).

The hat is a pattern I made up a few weeks back and have knit 3 of these hats for Christmas Gifts. I’ll be officially typing up the pattern and posting in the next couple of weeks.

192A0920 192A0875192A0884 192A0895 192A0944

192A0929 192A0984192A1022  192A1023 192A1046 192A1047 192A1046

19 Comments on “I Couldn’t Wait

  1. Adorable! My brother and girlfriend have a little one coming and I’m excited to start knitting little hats and booties and blankets and sweaters like this!

  2. What an adorable model!! But wow I love that pattern! Will you post it or sell it? I have a granddaughter expected in May and have a grandson that is 18 months old and I’d love to make one for each of them. And thanks for sharing what kind of yarn that was used too. Just love your blog!

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