Two More Hats

Are you sick of seeing my hat projects yet? Too bad, I have a bunch more to show you :)  I’ll double them up though. Today’s hat highlights are from a pattern called 2 Glasses of Pink Zin from Baby Cocktails. The pattern includes two really awesome hat patterns. I would make either of these again without hesitating! I used Madelinetosh DK in the Calligraphy color. So happy with how these turned out, hope the recipients enjoy them too! Ravelry project here and here.

“Glass” #1


192A8309           192A8312 192A8332 192A8338 192A8354

“Glass” #2

192A8376 192A8378 192A8380 192A8402 192A8393 192A8397 192A8424


10 Comments on “Two More Hats

  1. We are not sick of your hats, if anything, we are jealous of your hats. . .all are adorable and worthy of our praise!

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