Reality vs Ambition

It’s been craziness at the Zahner household.  When my boys were little I remember thinking (and daydreaming) about all of the free time I would have once they began school.  I think the moment you become a mother, your time ceases to be your own.  I know that this is how it should be, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  big sigh.

Between working a lot, lunches, homework, soccer, basketball, reading logs, reminders to brush your teeth, gym clothes, permission slips, fund raisers, LAUNDRY and throwing together some excuse of a dinner, I get to knit!  So needless to say, there is limited time.  I get all excited about knitting a sweater in a month, and then reality hits.  Similar to my goal of finishing an afghan before my new sofas arrived in 8 weeks.  That didn’t happen either!  My sofas from Kloter Farms are really lovely, and my afghan will be an amazing addition once it is completed. IMG_8679 Wool Leaves by Jared Flood knit in  Shibui Staccatio

IMG_8673Pic from instagram
photo[11] copy

IMG_8672The Raglan Sleeve pullover by Laura Zukaite I began is a beauty, but it is slow going.  IMG_8691There are three charts to keep track of, and I keep messing up.  I’ve ripped it out twice and began again.  It is not difficult knitting, the pattern just needs concentration.IMG_8675

So, to be able to finish a project for our sweater knitalong, I picked up my Honey again.  Mindless stockinette is perfect for my life right now.  I think the moral of the story is not to put deadlines on knitting.  It is for relaxation and not for stress.  Be ambitious, but realistic.3yarn

I also need to remember that these days are flying by.  I need to savor them and enjoy these boys.  They are most important.boys

And the reality of our days looks a lot more like this:192A1504

13 Comments on “Reality vs Ambition

  1. Love the colors of yarn also love your living room…my kinda style!! Those cute boys of yours will grow up fast….hug them while they let you. My daughter will be 20 shortly, she’s now saying she’s old… Ha!!!!!!! My middle boy is a Senior and will let me hug him for an instant and my youngest boy is in 7th grade and now tries to run from my hugs…boo hoo!!

  2. You have some beautiful projects underway. Truly lovely colours. I think we all have to remind ourselves that our craft should be relaxing, not taxing. Another few hours in the day would always help though.

  3. I love that last picture the most. Reminds me of a very close relation of those boys that used to act the same way ;-). And you and I both lived through it!!

  4. Katie, I think you’ve reminded us of the reasons knitting sits in the corner sometimes! I often envy those who get thru a project in a few weeks, then I start taking inventory of my own day along with a full time job…….
    I think any completed project is great success! The 3 projects you’re working on are lovely-you’ll get them finished eventually. Your boys brought a smile to my face…..they’re a great reason for a project to take a little longer than planned! :-)

  5. I love the furniture! And the sweater! And I am only good at keeping my goals, because I make them for my site and not for me. Lol. If it’s for me, I fail at it. ;)

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