Freak Out

I spent most of last week working on my Chance of Showers sweater but I had a minor freak out Sunday evening when I realized there was no possible way that I was going to have enough yarn to finish. I cannot imagine putting in all of the time and effort into this sweater and then not having enough yarn to finish it!

So I started searching — one store didn’t carry the colorway, another didn’t carry it at all.  My options were pretty limited until I checked eBay! Get this — not only did I find it in the right color, but the right dye lot too! PHEW! It should be sitting at my house waiting for me when I get out of work today, which is perfect timing because I bound off last night and all I have left to finish is the neckline.


The rows were long but so worth it. I love this sweater and it fits perfect!  I cannot wait to block it and share some FO pictures!

8 Comments on “Freak Out

  1. Love the colour and look of this sweater! My grandmother taught me how to knit and crochet when I was young. I used to knit a bit many years ago, but, its been so long ago I need a refresher. I would love to get back into it especially now that my kids are older and I have more time. Any suggestions on sites that have good tutorials?

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